1. What is Life

    What is life.

    Lived out,
    A wondrous symphony,
    A Greek tragedy,
    Monotony and Majesty,
    All in harmony.

    We live and breathe and make our mark,
    We see years and days and moments pass,
    Our legacy left in the lives of those around us.
    Imprints of eternity,
    Ripples of divinity.

    The moment before you, right now,
    It is of the upmost importance,
    It is what you have.
    The past has brought you here,
    It has shaped and broken and built you.
    It doesn’t define, it determines.
    The future is but a flicker,
    A fickle flame that dances and dodges and dims,
    But now burns brighter.

    So take what is at hand.
    See the past for what it is,
    And don’t try to control the future.
    Be present.
    Be right where you are.
    Find life in the moments before you.
    All of them.
    Significant, trite, moving, ordinary, difficult, beautiful.
    It all comes together to paint a wondrous portrait,
    A symphony that needs every pitch and tone.
    Life lived in one color or hue would not be life at all.
    It would be existence.

    So let us seize this day,
    In all it is and has to offer.
    And let us live in this moment.

  2. Embark

    Well, I did it. After much foot-dragging and procrastinating, I have created my very first blog. I am much more a pen-and-paper sort of fellow, but here I am, as the technological age beckons and I oblige. What is a writer to do? I could go on and on about all that, the ills of modern technology and how I am going to hole up in a cabin far removed from civilization, use only archaic equipment, and grow a huge beard, but that wouldn’t be all that original. These social media mediums, they are all tools, and as with any tool it is all in how you choose to use it. Or, in the case of many, it can use you, you can become slave to it. The choice is yours.
    I choose to use it to share my pondering thoughts, intriguing questions, and insightful ideas, as well as a poem here and a short story there. My mind is always creating, always seeking, and words are my medium to express this. This blog will be a menagerie of sorts, with profound processing as well as scribbled notes, rehearsed rhetoric next to jumbled jargon. I think that is the beauty of it; it will be my artwork, my splash of different colors and hues combining and contrasting and creating something altogether unique in the mix. I do not fit neatly into any one sort of category, and by that definition, find myself in one. But this is it, this is my manifesto of sorts, an introduction, a herald of what is to come. Journey with me as I embark.

    I am a writer.